Goal 5: Transforming catering and food procurement

  • Aim 1: Inspire and enable all food settings to source and supply healthy, seasonal, locally and ethically produced food.
  • Aim 2: Support and enable small scale local producers and other sustainable food businesses to access large scale procurement markets via cooperative marketing and supply initiatives.

With nearly 50% of all food eaten outside the home, catering and procurement offers one of the most effective ways to drive large scale changes in healthy and sustainable food.

What are Sustainable Food Lancashire working on?

  • Recipe for Health:
  • Catering Mark:
  • Food for Life:
  • Hospital Food and Drink strategy:

What else is happening in Lancashire?

  • Most Sustainable Pub of the Year; Eagle and Child in Ramsbottom


Sustainable Food Lancashire aims to transform catering and food procurement across our county by pledging to:

  • Encourage and support co-operative buying opportunities for small scale businesses
  • Inspire and enable schools, hospitals, care homes, workplaces, restaurants, and other institutions with catering to source more healthy, seasonal, locally produced, and ethically produced food
  • Support improved provision for sustainable lifestyle options
  • Support the fresh preparation of food in institutions and workplaces with catering
  • Encourage caterers to adopt independently inspected standards such as the Food for Life Catering Mark and support campaigns such as Sustainable Fish Cities
  • Support and provide Fairtrade products
  • Encourage public eating places to welcome breastfeeding women
  • Support the SFL network to connect producers, suppliers, and buyers to work together for creation of social value through a positive food economy