Goal 3: Building community food knowledge, skills resources and projects

  •  Aim 1: Provide opportunities to grow, cook and eat good food by increasing knowledge and skills to all age groups.
  • Aim 2: Promote passion for a positive food culture and food education across our community settings and create a space for information and resources to be shared.

What are Sustainable Food Lancashire working on?

  • Project 1
  • Project 2

What else is happening in Lancashire?

Environmental Education in Lancashire and Blackpool:

An Environmental Education programme is provided for key stage 2 children as a key aspect of Lancashire’s waste management strategy. The 3-stage programme is fully funded by Lancashire and Blackpool Councils and focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling waste, and incorporates food and food waste awareness.

There are a variety of online resources associated to the programme available on the website. Lancashire and Blackpool’s waste is processed at two facilities that separate recyclable materials and compost biodegradable waste – facility tours through the purpose-built walkway are also available for community groups (but must be booked in advance) to understand better what happens to our waste.

More details about the work associated with Goal 3 will be updated soon, including links for further information.