Goal 2: Tackling food poverty and increasing access to affordable healthier food

  • Aim 1: Support local strategies to tackle poverty and break the cycle of deprivation and enable Lancashire to be a place where everyone has access to affordable good food.
  • Aim 2: Increase the accessibility, availability and affordability of healthier food options.

Understand that food poverty is not only about lack of access to food or affordability of food but is also impacted by:

  • Fuel poverty and lack of cooking facilities
  • Lack of cooking, menu planning, budgeting and buying skills
  • Inability to afford travel costs to shops that sell good, healthy wholesome food


What can we do?

  • Create a coordinated and sustainable approach to tackling food poverty by developing networks and social enterprises to help those in need and reduce dependency on food banks
  • Proactively support the Third Sector (Community Voluntary and Faith) to tackle poverty at a community level and encourage the development of social capital and the use of Asset Based Community Development Approaches
  • Promote initiatives designed to reduce energy bills
  • Increase access to affordable finance and services that help to support and improve financial literacy
  • Increase access and availability of training such as menu planning, budgeting, buying and cooking skills
  • Raise employer awareness to the importance of the ‘living wage’
  • Support food banks in signposting people to relevant services
  • Support good social food provision for older people and vulnerable groups – reduce social isolation
  • Audit/evaluate existing initiatives and implement new ones that help tackle food poverty e.g. Healthy Start and the School Food Plan